About RiPL effect

Who are we

Passionate storytellers. Creative problem solvers. Improvisors. Friends. YES humans. Persistently present. Mind travellers.

Oh, and like really good at using video to tell stories. Like really good. 

What do we do

We use our unique visual and creative tools to tell your story. We look for the heart, the truth. We firmly believe that the passion you feel for your business can and should be translated to your clients. We will work together with you to communicate your vision to inspire new clients and consumers as well as clients and consumers familiar with your brand.

How do we do what we do

We have a pool of talented artists and creatives bringing originality and years of experience in many fields. Directing, editing, photography, videography, writing, producing and more.

Why do we do it

After almost 20 years in the advertising industry we noticed a lack of inspiring output from the bigger firms. Repetition, paint by numbers, cookie cutter, unimaginative content.
We decided to go our own way. To provide heartfelt content that we could be proud of – content that creates a RiPL effect.

Meet The Team

Rory Acton Burnell

Lionel Henshaw

Paul Gardyne